Monday, March 8, 2010

Colorado in February

In mid-February, I took a 12-day vacation. The first stop on my journey was a stay in Boulder, Colorado. Having never been to the state before, I was understandably excited. So I packed up my new Kata DR-467 camera bag with my camera, lenses, and a few other odds and ends, and caught a flight out of Orlando International Airport. I spent a little over a week in Boulder, and I must say that it is one of the nicest places I ever visited. I did a 15-mile hike from the house I was staying at to Downtown. At no point did I feel unsafe walking around with camera in hand. You really don't get that in the urban areas of Florida. Over the course of my stay, I managed to take hundreds of pictures all over the place.

Here's a sampling of what I came home with...
Walking Away

Buried in Snow


Frozen Pine Needles

HDR Evening in Boulder

River and Rocks


Cold Pine

Walnut Brewery

You can check out all 80-something photos I uploaded to Flickr on MY PAGE.
Or if you want to see the other stuff I've done lately, HERE is the main page

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