Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to Skot.Foto!

Welcome to my (new) little corner of the web. I'm Scott, and this is the blog for my Photography. As you can see, it is aptly named Skot Foto. My Flickr account is starting to fill up and become slightly harder to navigate. So I figured this would be a good place to showcase some photoshoots I've done, review some sweet gear I get my hands on, share some of my talented colleagues, and have general chit-chat about whatever interests me.

I suppose I should start with a little background about me. I'm a hobbyist photographer in my mid 20's. I live in the Orlando area, and have been in Central Florida for about 17 years now. I say I am a hobbyist because, while I truly love photography, I don't do it for a living. I work as a 911 Operator, and that takes up much of my time. But I love to spend my days off with my camera, capturing a wide variety of subjects. The automotive world is what I shoot primarily. I'm fairly involved in the local car scene. Beyond that, I love the outdoors and like to bring my camera with me whenever I'm traveling.

With all that out of the way. I probably won't have a set schedule for updating this thing. But I'm sure I'll get a new post up at least once a week (or more), with new photos added at least every other update.


And if anyone wants to check out my Flickr account, feel free! I always love comments.

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